American Idol Concert

So, here's what I did yesterday. I went to Michelle Cook's house and we hung out from like 12:30 for a little while at her house and went to my house and watched Simple Life and the Ashlee Simpson show and at 4 o'clock we left my house, went to jewel, got a disposable camera and went to Amy's house at 4:15 and me, michelle, hilary, amy and her dad went to the united center for American Idol's live. I bought a tour shirt, a Diana DeGarmo pin and autograph and an American Idol key ring. It was all expensive but cool cause you can't get this stuff anywhere else. So then when we sit down and stuff, the concert starts and the first performer was Amy Adams and shes like everyone on ur feet so we'll all standing doin whatever and this bitch two rows back yells at us that her daughter cant see, well it's a fuckin concert lady, what do u want form us. Well, the girls behind us were fighting with the lady 2 and she threatened to tell the usher. What's he gonna do? So, they went in order of the top 10 (the other 2 contestants that places 12th and 11th couldnt tour) so it went in order from eliminations. Soon enough, they got to my favorite Diana DeGarmo, she sounded so great. She sang her single "Dreams" and was soo good. Then, I must admit, Fantasia tore it up when she sang "I Believe" it was amazing. The crowd went wild and the concert was awesome. Except we had to hear Tamyra sing a couple songs (soo boring) and she's not all that good. Oh well. The concert was still amazing. When we got back to EG, me and Michelle went to Hollywood video, got some popcorn and rented Prince & Me (it's not out yet, but since I work there I can rent them early) and it was such a bad movie. Then we chilled at my house till like 2:30 in the morning, it was an awesome night. Well, I gotta get going cause I have a migrane, gotta shower and get ready for work 3-10. TTYL bye! Dean


Well I harldy write in here but i decided maybe ill give a little thought now. If any1 sees this, im having a hard time selling one last american idol ticket for thursday at 7pm at united center. We leave around 430 and the ticket's $55--so if u wanna come leave an IM or e-mail at
Anyways, I can't wait for that concert and im so mad that tomorrow's the last episode of Ashlee Simpson, she is so hott and I cant wait to see her in concert eventually. Her CD is amazing.
Anyways, I also got a job about 3 weeks ago at Hollywood video and got Michelle Cook a job there also, so if anyone needs a job go there, they're hiring. Also, I was asked a week ago to be a shift leader (already) and a shift leader (for those who don't know) is a promotion as manager on duty. How awesome is that? I can't wait till 2morrow, cause Kill Bill Vol. 2 wont come out till next tuesday but I get to rent it 2morrow (the 4th) so that's what ill be doin all day is watchin that movie.

Anyways, IM me if u want that ticket or else come visit me sometime at work and rent a movie!


Okay, heres what happened, it was so gay. I went to the Rolling Meadows (or Ghetto's) Wal-Mart to see Ashlee Simpson and i brought her CD with so I can get an autograph and im in line and find out when i got up there that u have to have a wrist bracelet thing to get an autograph from her and it only went to the first 500 people starting at 9am, well, I went up at 6pm and the thing started at 6pm haha and anyways I guess the keytags were all gone around 11am, I wouldnt wait that long in line for an autograph anyways, but it still sucked that I waited in line for an hour and i just got to walk by her really fast and take a few quick pictures. She looked a lot prettier in real life tho rather then on TV. It was cool. Anyways, I gotta go, I have to work at my new job 2morrow 5-10 and 2 weeks from today Im seein AMERICAN IDOLS LIVE! ITS EXCITING! BYE PEOPLE!

American Idol!

I haven't written in this thing for weeks since the one I just put, but a big part of my life was american idol, so i thought I would share who I liked through a collection of scraps!

Week 1--Leah LaBelle was kicked off first. I had a feeling it was her, unlike last time when I was wondering season 2 who the first to go would be. I was hoping for her, cause I thought she was descent, but stuck out as the worst contestant.

Week 2--Matt Rogers went off next. I was nervous because Diana DeGarmo was in the bottom 3 this week along with Camile (my two favorite finalists). Diana was called safe first, so it was between Rogers and Camile. Camile wasn't the best and I expected her to go, out of those two, however, I thought Jasmine gave the worst performance that night, but by some miracle she was safe, and by another miracle Matt went. This may sound strange, but I voted for him in hopes for him to leave. You see, in season 2, i would vote for who I like and that week they would get voted off, then i realized this and voted for who I wanted gone and that worked. Well Rogers was eliminated by that once again wild coincidence of season 2.

Week 3--I was out seeing JERSEY GIRL, so I didnt see the tape of the show till I got home. I thought Diana was good, but I was still nervous for her since she was in the bottom 3 last week. She was called safe, well Amy Adams was voted off this week and LaToya (for some strange reason was in the bottom 3 along with Jennifer Hudson). I'm glad Diana was safe, I think she's amazing and will go far and Camile has gotten some mean comments from the judges and glad she was safe, but thought she would be in the bottom 3 for sure. However, I thought John Stevens should have been in the bottom 3 and eliminated tonight, for he had a bomb performance which was truly unworthy and not by set standards to American Idol's top 12.

Week 4--:( well, it was a sad week, Aloha Hawaii to one of you as the bottom 2 contestants were Camile and Jasmine. Diana, for the second time was in the bottom 3, but was safe and left the other two in the bottom. I was hoping Camile would stay, but her bombing performance of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John which I for some reason had a strange liking to of Camile's performance but knew it was bad, I knew it would be her week. Unfortunately it was...Good luck in the future Camile! Once again, a bad performance by John Stevens and should have gone home this week, but not even in the bottom 3! That's not right!

Week 5--I didn't see the show, for my dad taped the wrong channel as I was at work training. I heard Diana did a bad "My Heart will Go on" performance and everyone thought she would leave the competition. Well, JPL, Diana and (finally, but I heard not in his worst performance) John Stevens was in the bottom 3. First one safe....Diana! Thank God! JPL and JS were bottom 2, I wanted JS gone but JPL left, the only guy in the competition I can tollerate.

Week 6--Man, Diana can bust out a tune this week, amazing performance best of the night. Will it be enough to save her from the bottom 3? Not at first it didn't seem that way as the idol's were seperated into two groups, (John Stevens, Diana DeGarmo and Jasmine Trias) and (LaToya London, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino in the other). George Huff (I HATE) was called safe and asked to go to the safe group, he went to group 2 and was told he was in the wrong group (Diana, Jasmine and John were safe...along with George :(...)
So, who would it be, LaToya (the powerhouse voice and most likely to win the competition), Jennifer (the approved "Diva" of Chicago), or Fantasia who sounds like a Donald Duck/Macy Gray woman, but is for some reason well liked. Well, Jennifer went home, which was surprising as it turned out Fantasia was also in the bottom 2 and LaToya was called safe first. I wanted Fantasia to go, I don't like her at all!

Week 7--Well, John Stevens was eliminated. George Huff (another person I hate) and Jasmine were also in the bottom 3. Jasmine was called safe first and it was between George and John. These were the worst performances and I kinda felt bad for John Stevens, with all the death threats he's getting and etc, he's 16 and doesn't deserve that. Diana, 16, also doesn't deserve all the negative names Message Board members are leaving about her fake personality and etc.) But, Diana pulled in the most amount of votes this week, good for her, I hope she wins, she's been my favorite since the beginning!

Week 8--It's getting close, everyone expects Diana won't be around to much longer and it's gonna be Fantasia, LaToya and George in the top 3. Well, since only 5 Idol's remain, the bottom 2 were only shown, and they were Jasmine and George. I thought Jasmine would go, but I wanted George to go. Well, George went home and the final 4 are LaToya London, Fantasia Barrino, Jasmine Trias and Diana DeGarmo.

Week 9--Well, it's getting tense, I love Diana but how much farther will she go? Jasmine gave a horrible performance and will leave this week, I know it. I think Diana and Fantasia will be safe and LaToya and Jasmine will be the bottom 2, but LaToya has gotta be in the top 2, shes so good, she just didn't give her best is all. Well, first they told the judges comments to Diana, she's safe. Then they go to Fantasia, it's obvious now she's in the bottom 2 and...she is. One more left, it's between Jasmine and LaToya. It should be Jasmine, but it might be LaToya cause Jasmine had to have gotten a lot of pity votes for sucking so badly this week and then when the judges told her she burst into tears. Well, Jasmine---you, LATOYA WAS IN THE BOTTOM 2! Oh know, boo's were being heard through the audience, that was not right, it should have been Jasmine, she stuck out and shouldn't have made it this far. Who will it be, who's going home, LaToya or Fantasia. I was hoping it would be Fantasia, I think LaToya and Diana should be the top 2 in the competition. Well, LaToya went home, which I didn't want, but hey, less competition for Diana. But I thought, Diana should compete with the best and beat the best and I think she is the best, but whoever she battles, if she makes it past next week, she won't be duking it out with the best.
Your final 3--Jasmine, Diana and Fantasia.

Week 10-- Jasmine stunk again, Simon told her your going home. However, Diana whos a powerhouse every week, I don't know what happened, she was good but didn't stick out like the last 4 weeks or so. Well, her last song was amazing but was told she was overshined by Fantasia (what a load of rubbish!) Well, no bottom 2 was announced for it would show who got the most number of votes, but only eliminated who was going home this week and it was---Jasmine only two idols stand. It may be Fantasia now, who knows? But im keeping my fingers crossed for Diana! Good job, your only 16 and made it to the finals!

Week 11-- Well, its the end, only one can win. I'm hoping for Diana. She didn't give her best last week, but I power-voted and hoped I pushed the close votes over to Diana's side. And the winner is..(FINGERS CROSSED)...FFF...(at this point I knew it, it wasn't Diana) ---FFFantasia Barrino. Diana didn't win, I felt so bad for her. Oh well she made it this far and will still get a record deal, and you can bet on June 22nd when her single comes out, I will have one that day. Then when her CD is released, Ill have that 2!

After-thought--Well, Diana is this years Clay. On the pre-order charts, Diana is always a higher number up, or more, than Fantasia with the single! Go Diana, you'll do just fine!!!

Wow, It's been a while!

Well, tomorrow is my last day of school and I feel like I'm not ready too. A lot of mixed things are going threw my head and I feel like I need to get more phone numbers, and keep in contact with as many people as I can, but I won't be able to do it all in 1 or 2 days. An emotional day will be on friday, which happens to be my big 18th birthday. It's sad tho because it'll be the last day ill be able to have a real conversation with friends I won't see after HS. I'll still be able to see all my junior friends and a lot of my good friends are going to harper, like Jenny Paulas, Katie and others I can't think of this late at night. For all you juniors, all of us say next year flies by, and your prolly thinking ya rite, u liar, but it seriously does. There is so much shit u gotta go thru and just try to keep in contact with as many people as possible, remember, you only have one year left, learn from what mistakes I made since I can't go back and charish every moment you have!
Dean! :)

Mike the dyke

Mike is totally making me mad, he's my best friend but he hasnt been showing me why i think this lately. He is a backstabber and he told me to stop liking girls i have crushes on if im not gonna ask them out so f*ck u mike! U PISS ME OFF! We're cool now but i had to blow off some steam...

a schitzo day

Well, yesterday started out bad. I didn't make group interp and along with some of the other good actors. However, I was surprised I didn't make it. I'm not big headed about my acting, in fact, I had doubts about not making it. However, I thought i'll prolly make it, I mean i got all-state casting last year, so why wouldn't I? Well, I didn't but Ross Reeder made it over me. That's not right! Every other person from last years GI that was a junior made it, but not did this happen? I was the only junior that got all-state casting and a year later, the only one who was able to be in it this year and didn't! It doesn't make sense at all...well, whatever tho. It all ended well. My last play I had the lead in, and I had a long year so I'm done for high school productions. All that's left to do is work and see what happens in the future with my acting life.

After that, it was fun. I hung with Mike Pruim and Hilary at night, but they had to leave early for speech early in the morning. I'm glad for Hilary tho--she doesn't get cast in many plays, but made contest play, good for you! Anyways, after that, Katie called my phone at 9ish, she asked to hang out. She had to wait for her dad to go out since she was sneaking out because she wasn't at school. So I picked her up in DP around 945-10. We went to loews and saw Barbershop 2 at was really funny. I got home at 130 or 2am and went to sleep.

Today I had second city class from 1-3 then Nobile came over at 4 and we saw Along Came Polly at 510 and went to Panera Bread to eat. After that we hung at my house and watched MadTV. I like that girl who wears the gloves and is like retarded. It's so funny--Hilary does the best impression of her. Haha!

Aight, Ill cya all later